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King Chilli – Know the World’s Hottest Chilli Pepper

King Chilli grown in North East India is one of the hottest known chillies on this Earth. This hot chilli belonging to the family Solanaceae is referred to by various names such as Bhutjolokia, Ghost Chilli in Assam; Naga Jolokia, Raja Mirchi in Nagaland and Umorok or Go-morok in Manipur.

Traditional Soul of India, in its endeavour, to provide you with the purest food, produces this hot chilli in collaboration with the farmers of North East India. Our farmers use the traditional organic method to produce the King Chilli. They toil to prepare the field to a fine tilth and replenish it with the right amount of compost prepared by using microorganisms and green manure. They provide the field with deep loose sandy loam or clay loam soil that are most suitable for its cultivation.

People have known the worth of King Chilli and consumed it since time immemorial. Let’s know what is so fascinating that this berry is referred to as ‘Raja Mirchi’.

King Chilli, a wonderful gift of Nature!

The King Chilli is known for its pungency and aroma. Because it’s so hot that it was recorded as being the hottest Chilli on this Planet by Guinness Book Record from 2007 to 2010. The hotness and pungency of chilli are due to the high content of capsaicin which is about 3-5%and it is higher than any other variety in India. This capsaicin does wonder in your kitchen and to your health.

Though king chilli is extremely pungent, it has a sweet, fruity taste too. You can add a small portion of these hot chillies in chutneys, sauces and pickles, any veg or non-veg recipes to fire your taste buds. You can use it in the form of powder, paste, flakes, etc.

Capsaicin the main ingredient of the King chilli has many medicinal values.

  • It provides relief to asthma patients when taken in a small amount.
  • When consumed regularly in small quantities, it treats gastrointestinal abnormalities.
  • It helps to tone up your muscles.
  • Your toothache and muscles pain vanishes with its use.
  • It is an anti-arthritic, analgesic, anti-oxidant and anti-cancer agent.

Due to its superb medicinal properties, King Chilli is commercially very important. Capsaicin extracted from it is used in the preparation of muscles relaxant and pain-relieving creams such as Volini, Muscodac, Sloan’s Liniment, etc.

This amazing chilli is also now being used in defence and security. The extract from king Chilli is used in making tear gas and smoke bombs. Grenades made from the extract of this chilli are now used by the Indian Security Forces to combat, non-lethally, insurgents and terrorists.

And all girls and women be happy as we have now sprays made from the extract of this hot chilli that acts as great self-defence weapons to ward off would-be molesters.

Traditional Soul of India offers you the best King Chilli!

Our king Chilli is produced using natural and organic methods by the farmers of North East India. They grow chilli in the lands free from chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, etc. King Chilli by Traditional Soul of India is 100% organic.

We produce and process our King Chilli as per NPOP Standard of India and EU Regulation No. 834/2007.

We are certified by the Government of India for our King Chilli. We have USDA, Organic India, Javik Bharat, One Cert, Organic Manipur certifications.

We use airtight packaging for all our products which helps to retain all flavour and nutritional values even after months of packaging.


Traditional Soul of India brings for you the King Chilli grown in the fresh and natural environment of North East India. We not only sell our products but also strive to uplift and empower our farmers by assuring a fair return for their produce.