About Traditional Soul of India

Traditional Soul of India pays a sincere tribute to the hardworking and dedicated farmers of North East India

Traditional Soul of India started its journey with an aim to bring together all that is the soul of India, the culture and tradition residing in the remote, ruler areas that go unnoticed under the impact of modernism. Global Infocloud Pvt Ltd of Pune with an extensive experience of 10 years in Information Technology, has come up with Traditional Soul of India to provide a platform for small farmers, artisans, craftspersons and others to showcase their uniqueness, speciality to the whole world.

We Indians are proud of our rich diversity in culture and tradition. Each state has something unique to offer. Our indigenous farmers and artists are unable to compete with the trends that globalization and fast technology are offering today. Due to the unavailability of resources, accessibility,  awareness our hardworking, creative people lag behind. Working to provide IT solutions, marketing solutions, design solutions to various sectors, Global Infocloud wish to promote those who are trying hard to preserve symbols of heritage and civilization and also assure a fair return for their produce.

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Power and Strength

Traditional Soul of India pays a sincere tribute to the hardworking and dedicated farmers of North East India

The Traditional soul of India is unique. Here, we work to promote the uniqueness of Indian culture and tradition. We also take the initiatives to present before you the minor but significant narratives of our unsung people who in this hi-tech world use age-old, eco-friendly, healthy methods in manufacturing their products. India is a vast country and has many unorganized sectors. At Traditional Soul of India, we strive to organize these unorganized sectors to help uplift the economy, life and health of people engaged in those occupations.

Our dedicated teamis now providing essential support by giving them a platform to promote, market and sell their products online. We at Traditional Soul of India began our venture by bringing the organic spices grown by the traditional farmers living in the foothills of the Himalayas to you. We work in close collaboration with the natives of North East India who toil day and night to cultivate the healthiest land that has not been toxified by the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and agrichemicals. We aim to expand and enter the other sectors soon in the near future.

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Working in close collaboration with these farmers, we understand the effort they make to till and prepare their farmland to get healthy soil for healthy food.


Nestled in the remote foothills of Jaintia Hills in the state of Meghalaya- Lakadong village is known for its unique turmeric variety. Around 1,600 farmers are into Lakadong turmeric cultivation.